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Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Piece 
We offer quality Water Treatment Chemicals that are sourced from reliable partners across the country. These water treatment chemicals include TCCA Sodium Hypochloride, Bleaching Powder and others. Our range of water treatment chemicals are known for accurate composition, purity and effectiveness. These water treatment chemicals are widely used in treatment of waste water across various industries.


Approx Price: Rs 5,000 / Piece 

CHLORITARD is the unique way to treat / disinfect entire bulk of water required for all activities at the ‘ Point of consumption ‘.

When a CHLORITARD pouch is suspended in a water storage tank, it releases chlorine slowly in the water for a period of at least 30 days continuously.

The amount of chlorine released is sufficient to kill the bacteria as well as maintain desired level of free residual chlorine (above 0.2 ppm)

CHLORITARD advantages

1. Since chlorine gets released very slowly, CHLORITARD has much longer shelf life as compared to that of bleaching powder.
2. While using CHLORITARD it is not necessary to ascertain the chlorine demand of water because CHLORITARD pouch automatically releases amount of chlorine required to satisfy chlorine demand and maintain free residual chlorine.
3. CHLORITARD application /usage depend upon the quantum of water consumption.
4. The chlorine level of the water being treated with CHLORITARD remains consistent for a period of at least 30 days. Therefore problem of drastic variation in chlorine levels with time encountered in other methods of chlorine dosing including by bleaching powder is totally eliminated.
5. As one CHLORITARD pouch works effectively for at least 30 days, the problem of climbing up the ESR every day is eliminated. Thisleaves very little scope for irregularity & lapses in dosing, which are more harmful.
6. When CHLORITARD pouch is suspended in water storage tank Calcium does not get transferred to water but remains in the pouch. This eliminates problem of sludge formation and necessity for frequent cleaning of the tank.


CHLORITARD pouches sizes suitable for 30 days of chlorination

CodeSuitable for water tankPouches required as per Source of Water

CRT50500 lit11
CRT1001000 lit11
CRT2002000 lit11
CRT5005000 lit11
CRT100010000 lit11
CRT200020000 lit21
CRT250025000 lit21
CRT500050000 lit21

A: Treated water from sewage /effluent treatment plant

B. Potable water

  • For Higher Size of tank, please consult us
  • Qty of pouches & consumption will depend upon the type of pre treatment, treated water quality, desired water usage & its quantity.
  • Quantity of chloritard pouches required depends upon the quantity of Water usage per day. ( Stagnant/Un utilized water will lead the increase in Chlorine concentration)
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